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Dumb Bitch Juice! Vinyl Decals
  • Dumb Bitch Juice! Vinyl Decals

    Dumb Bitch Juice! Vinyl Decals


    Made with top-notch white vinyl, these decals are the real deal. They're not afraid of water, scratches, or the sun's fierce UV rays. Stick 'em wherever you want because when it's time to say goodbye, they won't leave a sticky mess behind.


    Each decal has a 1/8" white border around it and a sleek satin finish that'll make the sticker pop. Plus, we've got four sizes for you to pick from so you can find the perfect fit.


    Don't worry. We didn't skimp on quality – these decals are built to last. And in case you were wondering, they're proudly assembled right here in the good ol' USA from parts sourced all around the globe.


    Just a heads up, the backing paper comes with a tiny barcode.


    So grab yourself some Dumb Bitch Juice Soda Can Decals and let your creativity flow! Stick 'em, peel 'em, and strut your style – no fuss, no mess, just good vibes.