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Cow Print Round Rug
  • Cow Print Round Rug

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    Cow Print Round Rug


    Cows are truly amazing creatures! They are gentle giants that have played a critical role in human civilization for thousands of years. Cows are also beloved companions for many people worldwide, with their gentle and curious nature making them perfect for human interaction.


    Cows are simply fascinating animals with unique social structures. They are herd animals and form strong bonds with their fellow cows, often forming lifelong friendships. Cows are also incredibly intelligent and have impressive problem-solving abilities, showing remarkable adaptability and resourcefulness in facing challenges. Additionally, they are gentle and nurturing mothers who care for their calves with remarkable dedication and love. Cows are incredible creatures that offer much, from their valuable contributions to our economy and society to their fascinating behavior and social interactions.


    This decorative rug has a fun, bright design. Create a stunning room with funky character and welcome all with this round 100% polyester chenille rug in picture-perfect quality. It features a coated backing and hemmed edges for durability.

    • 100% Polyester Chenille
    • One size: 60" × 60" (152cm × 152cm)
    • Thickness: 0.4'' (10mm)
    • Hemmed edges
    • Durable textured face