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Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Painting (Acrylic Triptych)
  • Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Painting (Acrylic Triptych)

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    Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Painting (Acrylic Triptych)


    Haystack Rock is a 235-foot-tall monolith that stands majestically off the coast of Cannon Beach, Oregon. It is one of the most iconic landmarks on the Oregon Coast, and its beauty has been captured in countless photographs and paintings.


    The rock is made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock formed millions of years ago when lava flowed from the Earth's core and cooled into a solid mass. Over time, the waves and wind eroded the rock, giving it its distinctive shape.


    Haystack Rock is home to various marine life, including sea stars, anemones, crabs, and fish. It is also a popular nesting site for seabirds, such as puffins and guillemots.


    The rock is a popular tourist destination; visitors can walk right up to it at low tide. It is also a great place to go tide-pooling, as many interesting creatures are in the intertidal zone.


    Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach, Oregon, is unique and beautiful. It is a must-see for anyone visiting the Oregon Coast.




    Created to be stunning by featuring one of Oregon's most iconic landmarks on acrylic printed in vivid color and crisp detail. This 3-piece (36" x 12") print features a hanging system for perfectly accurate & rock-steady installation. Each package includes screws for hanging.


    .: Professional photo lab quality
    .: Hand-polished crystal clear edges
    .: Three-piece product: 3 x (36'' x 12'')
    .: French cleat hanging
    .: Made from 0.25” thick Grade A acrylic
    .: Screws for hanging installation included